Materials Needed 
Dear Parent/ Guardian,

The following list of materials is essential for all students to have:
  • An agenda
  • A copy book for every subject (13 books)
  • At least: two pencils, two pens, a ruler, an eraser and a sharpener
  • Complete Geometry Set
  • A French Dictionary
  • A Spanish Dictionary
  • A Dutch Dictionary
  • 1 Folder with sheet protectors
  • An art book ($7.00) at the business office
  • Colour Pencils
  • PE T.Shirt with School Logo ($9.00) at the business office
  • Polo Shirt with School Logo ($20.00 at the business office
  • Towel and soap (if taking a bath after gym)
  • Students must have a bag, big enough to accommodate folders and textbooks (No small bags allowed) at least 14"x8"x12"